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Carnevino: The Place I Really Want to Like But Just Can't - Mike's Review

I don’t think there is a restaurant in town that I want to like more than I want to like Carnevino.  I want to like Carnevino because I really dig what Chef Mario Batali is all about.  Not many of the superstar chefs out there come even close to public adamant support of using local [...]

Mario Batali's Carnevino Hosts Screening of The End of the Line

One day, Elizabeth Meltz, Director of Food Safety and Sustainability (that sounds like a fun gig) of B & B Hospitality Group went to her boss, Mario Batali, with a DVD and said, “You’ve got to check this out.”  The boss popped some popcorn, kicked off his Crocs (yes, I will make a Crocs reference [...]