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The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Duck Breast and Confit Leg With Golden Lentil Ragout From Lupo By Wolfgang Puck

Inspiration takes on many forms.  From the catastrophic destruction of Leningrad by Hitler’s army, which Stalin later finished off, we get one of the greatest symphonies ever composed in Dimitri Shostakovich’s Seventh. From a little white house in Eldon, Iowa came Grant Wood’s inspiration for what would become one of the most well-known portraits in [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Chef Adam Sobel Leaves RM Seafood

Chef Adam Sobel Taking A Snapshot of the RM Upstairs Kitchen

Hot off the heels of Gerald Chin hightailing it down the street to become Chef de Cuisine of the Cosmopolitan hotel comes the shocking news of Adam Sobel also saying goodbye to RM Seafood.  No word as to what Adam will be doing, although [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Indian Spiced Kobe Short Ribs From CUT By Wolfgang Puck

George Carlin once said, “The only good thing ever to come out of religion was the music.” George Carlin was a very wise man. Millions upon millions of people have died because of the way they answered “The God Question.”  Wars continue to be waged, lives continue to be shattered.  Some people have been forced [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Wolfgang Puck Restaurants Partner With Clark County School District To Make Healthier Lunches

Wolfgang Puck Working With a Yout. (photo:

Since 2007, Wolfgang Puck restaurants have partnered with the Clark County School District to both educate kids on making healthier decisions and to provide kid tested, mother approved recipes to the school district so the students can eat a little better.  Tomorrow, October 19, this tradition continues [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Locals Get 20% Off Wolfgang Puck Restaurants

Wolfgang Puck – (photo courtesy:

It’s good to live in the 702. Now it just got a little better.  Select Wolfgang Puck restaurants in town are now offering Las Vegas locals 20% off their bill with the presentation of a Nevada I.D. from now through September 30, 2010.  The deal is good at Spago [...]

Brasserie PUCK Reborn as Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria and Cucina

Boo hiss to this piss poor economy making street food the cuisine of choice when times are tough.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a burger, pizza and taco as much as the next guy, but Las Vegas has taken a sharp turn towards the beer budget crowd and has had some significant casualties along [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Sex and the City 2 Brings Cocktail Specials Aplenty to Las Vegas

Sex and the City 2 Poster

Yes, I have an unblemished 30-year record of heterosexuality, and I can’t wait for this Thursday for Sex and the City 2 to hit the silver screen.  Apparently, the rest of Las Vegas can’t wait for Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Mr. Big (John J. Preston, to those in [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Match Restaurant Set to Open on March 20

Match Restaurant Logo

Brought to you by the fine folks at Ta Ta Asian Bistro, Match Restaurant is set to open on March 20.  Match is being billed as an “East meets West Excursion” offering everything from Tapas and Paella to Korean BBQ.  Match is located in the Silverardo Ranch area of town at 1263 [...]

Dish Spotlight: Spaghetti with Slow-Braised Veal Cheeks from Brasserie PUCK

Hot off the heels of our (why do I always say “our”? I wrote the damn thing!) last post which was about delicious tortured, grotesquely altered duck and goose livers, I thought I’d follow up with another surefire winner with PETA; the face ripped off a baby cow over pasta, a.k.a. – the Spaghetti with [...]

What the Hell is THAT?!? - Foie Gras

Foie gras (pronounced: fwah grah) is one of the more controversial items on the menu.  Along side caviar and truffles as a symbol of gastronomic decadence, foie gras is as adored by many as it is chastised by many.  Foie gras is also one of those items on the menu that make many people just [...]