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The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Grilled Rack of Pork with Hard Cider Glaze from Table 34

Oh, Table 34, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…  Chef Wes Kendrick consistently knocks out masterful food that always have the ingredients in the spotlight.  While Chef Kendrick’s food may use this spotlight to dance on your tongue like Nicole Scherzinger (wa wa wee wa), all the miserable camera on the [...]

The Best 10 (+1) Things I Ate in 2009

This is a repost from Mike’s personal blog to give you a little something to nibble on as we get Tasting Las Vegas fully up and running. Thanks! -MD

The following are the 10 (+1) Best Things I Ate in 2009.  2009 for us was so full of excellent eating that I couldn’t pare it down [...]