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Monday Mise en Place: Evening Call Celebrates National Daiquiri Day

Evening Call Dispensary of Booze Slurpees

I am a firm believer that one of the greatest things our town has to offer is the Booze Slurpee, and with variations popping up all up and down The Strip and on Fremont St., there are plenty of places to consume sweet, frozen poison.  Evening Call is one [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Retro Bakery Gets Bold, Beautiful, Young and Restless

Cupcake Dealers to the Stars: Kari and Brian Haskell of Retro Bakery (photo by: Kevin Stout)

Congratulations to our favorite Cupcake Dealers (yes, when you make buttercream that good, you enter ‘dealer’ territory), Kari and Brian Haskell of Retro Bakery, for getting the nod to supply their product (and what a tasty product it is) [...]