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The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Shu Mai from Wazuzu

Well, I started this week off gushing about Wazuzu, I might as well end it the same way. These little Dim Sum delights of fabulous shrimp and pork dumpling love made my heart flutter like Bella’s when she eats a bowl of Count Chocula.  Yes, that’s the second Twilight reference I’ve made today in as [...]

A Late Night Quickie At Balboa Pizza Company

After getting out of the bill-payer last night, I raced to Green Valley Ranch to meet up with The Wife and old friend, but newest Tasting Las Vegas character, K-Pattz, to see the latest installment of Edward, Jacob and Bella’s menage, Eclipse.  Yes, I like the Twilight movies (Team Edward, son) and I looked forward [...]