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The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Kurobuta Pork from Stripsteak

Not even the mighty iPhone can capture the beauty of a fine piece of Kurobuta Pork poached in bacon fat.  Put it atop a bed of Collard Greens with a Cup O’ Grits on the side, and the iPhone chokes harder than A-Rod in October. Please welcome the Kurobuta Pork from Michael Mina’s Stripsteak at [...]

A Brief Response to Two Idiots in New York

Looks like I’m already late to the party to fire back at David Landsel and Andy Wang’s seemingly unresearched display of Manhattanite Superiority Complex Idiocy they wrote for their 3rd Rate Rag (a.k.a. – The New York Post), as Eating Las Vegas’ John Curtas has already brilliantly responded in his blog.  However, with the magnitude [...]