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First Impressions: Slidin' Thru HQ

Las Vegas’ Food Truck cherry was popped about a year ago by the Slidin’ Thru Slider Truck.  I’ve always thought Slidin’ Thru has made “decent food for a truck.”  Nothing that will blow you away, but a decent change for the office-park-worker lunch crowd that get a visit from them once a week.  Since the [...]

Monday Mise en Place: New Restaurants Open All Over The Las Vegas Valley

A crop of new restaurants have opened up in the last few weeks or so, hopefully a sign of things turning around here in Las Vegas!  Up in the north, Choices Pub, Grill and Showroom opened at 6720 W. Cheyenne (corner of Cheyenne and Rainbow).  In the southern part of the valley, Asian-inspired BBQ Burger [...]