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First Impressions: Jaleo

Chef José Andrés scored the top two restaurants I was anticipating the most upon the opening of The Cosmopolitan.  China Poblano more so than Jaleo, but only because China Poblano was unique to the world.  China Poblano has turned out to be a lead off home run, thus my eagerness to dive into the Jaleo [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Paella From Firefly

Few places in Las Vegas are better breeding grounds for Weekly Bad Pictures of Good Food than the Firefly on Paradise Road.  The pretty looking food amongst the low light of the hip dining area is the perfect storm for the less than able iPhone.  This week’s selection is a horrible snapshot of what may [...]

An Open Letter to Match Restaurant: Mike's 7 Steps to Achieve Greatness

Two days after their soft opening on the 20th, Michael and I decided to check out the brand spanking new Match Restaurant in the Silverado Ranch area of town. I really liked some things about it, I really didn’t like some things about it.  I admire their attempt to present a diverse menu, yet I [...]