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The 10 Best Things I Ate In 2010

We ate well in 2010.  I mean….we eat well every year, but 2010 was extra special.  As 2010 was the first year of Tasting Las Vegas, The Wife and I ate in restaurants more than we ever have in our lives this past year…such a sacrifice for my craft, right?  Looking on this list, it [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, Ep. 08 - 5 Restaurants In Las Vegas We Think Are Essential But Others Don't

This week on Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, I’m joined once again with The Wife where debut a new format to the show, talk about some drama that happened last week as well as reveal the much anticipated Next Phase of Tasting Las Vegas.  Then we discuss some Recent Eats and dish on 5 Restaurants [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast - Episode 03, Chef Carla Pellegrino of Rao's

This week on Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, I’m joined once again with The Wife where we discuss The Great Bluefin Tuna / Lakeside Grill Controversy of Yesterday, the good times at the Blogworld and New Media Expo, our recent eats, and we also reveal our 5 Cocktails in Las Vegas That Can’t Be Missed. [...]

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Ups the Ante With Hipness and Andrés

So a while back I wrote a largely unnoticed post about how the next addition to The Strip, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, showed that our little twinkle in the desert still had our training wheels on.  I still stand by most of it, but of course with new information my trademark hyperbole needs to [...]

In Defense of Indian Food

So here I am, in the middle of writing this gushing review of Origin India and this story from Channel 13′s news is plastered across my laptop screen.


Good Food is Made Here

Why Origin India?  Why now?  Why does it seem like every fucking time I’m about to shout out to the world the virtues [...]

The Chefs of Vegas Uncork'd: Out of the Kitchen

While most of the outside world perceives the city limits of Las Vegas to not exceed the boundaries of Las Vegas Boulevard (between Sahara and Russell, that is), we residents know there is so much more to our little twinkle in the desert.  I remember when The Wife and I first moved to Vegas almost [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Vermicelli Panna Cotta with Mango Jelly From Origin India

I told you last week that I’d forget to bring the Cyber-shot when I go out to eat.  Did I lie?  I first saw this dessert in picture form when Chef Kuldeep Singh cooked at the James Beard House a couple months ago and was thrilled when I found out he added it to the menu [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Dos Caminos Hops on the Cooking Class Train

Dos Caminos

I don’t know if it is a new trend among restaurants in town or if it is just new to me as I’m now (thankfully) getting bombarded with press releases from our lovely PR Firm tasters, but Dos Caminos at the Palazzo resort is the latest to hop on the Cooking Class Train. [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Origin India's Chef Kuldeep Singh Invited to the James Beard House

Big congratulations and best wishes go out to Origin India’s Chef Kuldeep Singh who was invited by the James Beard Foundation to prepare a meal at the legendary James Beard House in New York City on February 20th! Chef Singh will be preparing his signature modern twists on classic Indian favorites such as Potato and [...]

Dish Spotlight: Lunch Buffet at Origin India

Where I call Italian restaurants that feature a more “home cooked” kind of cuisine, “Mama-Stirring-The-Sauce” establishments and Mexican restaurants “Mama-Pressing-The-Tortillas” places, what should I call it when we find home cooking qualities in an Indian joint? Mama-Stoking-The-Tandoor? Are tandoors even stoked?  Well, for the purposes of the right now, they are until I learn otherwise.  [...]