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The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Esaan Sausage From Nittaya's Secret Kitchen

Some things in life were meant to be together, such as; Beer and pretzels, Sonny and Cher, or Charlie Sheen, Hookers and Cocaine.  These are the kind of pairings that were made for each other.  The kind of pairings when one element is missing, the other greatly suffers.  Then there are the combinations that at first [...]

Dish Spotlight: World Famous Spinach Salad From Nittaya's Secret Kitchen

We highlighted this dish on this week’s Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, but I felt that it certainly deserves an extra mention.  As I said before, most times when you see something called “World Famous” on a menu it usually means that it is going to be a massive disappointment if not totally suck outright. [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, Ep. 05 - Chef Roy Ellamar of Sensi

This week on Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, The Wife returns as we talk about some fabulous Recent Eats, we talk about the upcoming Tasting Las Vegas: The Tweetup at the Naked City Pizza Shop on November 15th and we reveal our 5 Overrated Restaurants in Las Vegas That Can Be Missed.  Then I’m joined [...]