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First Impressions: Jai-Ho Restaurant

Jai-Ho’s logo calls itself Jai-Ho Restaurant.  They should stick with that.

Jai-Ho’s website URL, however, is, and lists itself as Jai-Ho Fusion several times on the website.  Also the big ass glowing red sign over the front door (as you can see below) says Jai-Ho Indian & Chinese Fusion.

Jai-Ho Restaurant

Why am I starting this [...]

Las Vegas Weekly Announces Their Own Best Of List for 2010

The alternative weekly magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, announced their own Best Of lists for 2010 today. Thankfully, the LVW list is miles beyond the R-J’s joke of a list in terms of accuracy / common decency.  I’ll give LVW props for naming Julian Serrano at Aria as Best New Restaurant and The Palm Restaurant at [...]