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Monday Mise en Place: 'Cooking Well Is First' Breaks Into The Top 100!

You Can Vote Once Per Day from Now Through 09/30/10! Thanks so much for helping this happen!

Thanks to all of you that are supporting my little venture with Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Medium Raw’ Challenge! It’s because of your votes that my entry is now in the Top 100 and climbing!  There is still a little [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Evening Call Celebrates National Daiquiri Day

Evening Call Dispensary of Booze Slurpees

I am a firm believer that one of the greatest things our town has to offer is the Booze Slurpee, and with variations popping up all up and down The Strip and on Fremont St., there are plenty of places to consume sweet, frozen poison.  Evening Call is one [...]

Naked City Pizza Shop To Bring The Best of Buffalo To Las Vegas

Cold, uninviting, economically decimated by shuttered factories way before it was the hip thing to do, Buffalo, as a city, is an acquired taste.  However, as a food town, Buffalo has bestowed upon us one of the most treasured tastes in culinary history; The Buffalo Chicken Wing.   For this solitary contribution for the good of [...]

Five Side Dishes That Can't Be Missed in Las Vegas

In the continued effort to crank out new features on Tasting Las Vegas like Kate Gosselin shoots out Ed Hardy wearing offspring, please welcome to our new series; Five Things That Can’t Be Missed in Las Vegas!

These are by no means meant to be “Best of” kinds of lists, just a small collection of memorable [...]