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Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast - Episode 01, Chef Jet Tila Speaks!

Holy shit!  We did it!  The very first Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast episode is UP!  Many thanks to Michael Manley, The Wife and Executive Chef of Wazuzu at the Encore resort, Jet Tila for joining me on this maiden voyage.

Three Disclosures:

The first segment with Michael Manley was riddled with audio problems, so please forgive [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Hash House A Go Go To Open At The M Resort

Hash House A Go Go: Home To Big Ass Pancakes (photo: HHAGG Facebook Page)

Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a pancake the size of Mars! And yes, you will be able to get that planetary-sized pancake at the M Resort as of October 7th when Hash House A Go Go officially opens [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Saganaki From The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival

Fire is fun.  I like to set things on fire.  I like to sit next to things that are on fire.  I even like to work with things that are on fire.  But most importantly, I like to eat things that were once on fire…and there are few things on Earth that are better than [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast Is Coming; The Food World Locks Up Their Daughters

The next phase of Tasting Las Vegas is upon us – Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast!

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast – The Las Vegas Restaurant Scene Will Never Be The Same

From the beginning, the whole idea of Tasting Las Vegas was to work towards a podcast, and after  nine long months of writing, [...]

The TLV Clips Show: A Look Back On Seven Months of Dick Jokes

It was just a little bit over seven months ago when I was on the hunt for available domain names to find the address where I can set up my house of disgruntled filth and hyperbolic verbosity.  We started at two with Michael also occasionally chiming in, but are now streamlined to have only one [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Retro Bakery Gets Bold, Beautiful, Young and Restless

Cupcake Dealers to the Stars: Kari and Brian Haskell of Retro Bakery (photo by: Kevin Stout)

Congratulations to our favorite Cupcake Dealers (yes, when you make buttercream that good, you enter ‘dealer’ territory), Kari and Brian Haskell of Retro Bakery, for getting the nod to supply their product (and what a tasty product it is) [...]

Michael Manley Begins The Age of Manley

It was a crisp winter night back in December of 2009, and we were getting warmed up by some tasty beverages and outstanding food at our favorite late night hang, First Food and Bar.  It was a scene we had played many times before; an after-work boozing and gorging.  However, on this fateful night, engrossed [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Food and Wine Magazine Names CityCenter to “Go List”

Food and Wine Magazine

Food and Wine Magazine recently gave a nod to CityCenter in its “Go List” of the 100 Best New Food & Drink Experiences.  With a whole slew of categories featuring eating and drinking establishments from all over the globe, CityCenter was in the “amazing new food megaplexes” section.   While the “CityCenter” [...]