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Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, Ep. 05 - Chef Roy Ellamar of Sensi

This week on Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, The Wife returns as we talk about some fabulous Recent Eats, we talk about the upcoming Tasting Las Vegas: The Tweetup at the Naked City Pizza Shop on November 15th and we reveal our 5 Overrated Restaurants in Las Vegas That Can Be Missed.  Then I’m joined [...]

Silk Road Is Still Open - They're Not Dead Yet

There’s been a flurry of bullshit swirling around regarding the status of Silk Road at the Vdara hotel, none of it good.  I’ve read everything from they will be closing to they are already closed.  However, I just took the 30 seconds necessary out of my day to call down to Silk Road and I’m [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Hash House A Go Go Holding Job Fair For New Location

Hash House A Go Go Logo

Las Vegas went such a long time with only one Hash House A Go Go location, but now they seem to be popping up like pimples on Montana Fishburne’s ass.  The third location will mercifully take over the Red Cup Café space at the M Resort and is slated [...]

The TLV Clips Show: A Look Back On Seven Months of Dick Jokes

It was just a little bit over seven months ago when I was on the hunt for available domain names to find the address where I can set up my house of disgruntled filth and hyperbolic verbosity.  We started at two with Michael also occasionally chiming in, but are now streamlined to have only one [...]

Five Outstanding Dishes From The 2010 Vegas Uncork'd Grand Tasting

The culmination of all that is Vegas Uncork’d is the Grand Tasting.  Held at the gorgeous Garden of the Gods pool complex at Caesars Palace, there are over 70 chefs representing over 50 restaurants, 100 vintners and other variants of booze producers with 2,300 people loosening their belts ready gorge on a whole bunch of [...]

Tasting Las Vegas TV Launches With Two Videos From Vegas Uncork’d Opening Day

With the addition of the Cyber-shot to the Tasting Las Vegas family, we now have the capability to bring you poorly shot videos along with our shoddy photography and incomprehensible grammar!  What better time to launch this new feature than with the opening of the biggest gastronomic event on Planet Earth (F.U. Aspen!), Vegas Uncork’d!

Our [...]

Breakfast at Heierling's: Great Food and Conversation at Silk Road

When I was approached via e-mail to do a story on the breakfast menu at Chef Martin Heierling’s Silk Road in Vdara, I jumped at the opportunity.  Not just because I know Chef Heierling does good work and because I’ve already eaten two very tasty and satisfying lunches at Silk Road unannounced, but because I [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Silk Road at Vdara Ends Offering Dinner Service

Silk Road at Vdara

News coming out of CityCenter that they have their first victim in Chef Martin Heierling’s Silk Road.  Thankfully, it’s just a flesh wound.  Effective today (March 1), Vdara’s only restaurant will no longer be offering dinner service, but will still offer breakfast and lunch with new hours of operation going from [...]