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Monday Mise en Place: The Ever-Changing Landscape of Town Square

The Most Appropriate Sign at Town Square Yet

What the hell is going on over at Town Square?  Has there ever been a part of this valley that has seen such an astounding turnover of restaurants?  I ask this as a semi-legit question as I haven’t seen anything like it in the 6 years The [...]

Dish Spotlight: Hussong's Nachos with Chicharrones from Hussong's Cantina Taqueria

The legendary Ensenada based watering hole, Hussong’s Cantina Taqueria, recently opened up an outpost in Mandalay Place at the Mandalay Bay resort, and being the diligent food writers we are, decided we must take one for the team and do some late night drinking and nacho eating.  The sacrifices we make for our art!

Hussong’s claims [...]