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Chef Rick Moonen Celebrates Re-Opening of RM Upstairs and Top Chef Masters Redemption!

So my first Tasting Las Vegas gig was a blast. I am often included in Mike’s dining adventures as “The Wife” but during this particular event, I was left on my own to tweet, hobnob and taste deliciousness as “The Husband” headed to work (editor’s note: I gots to pay tha’ billz).  My job as [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Rick Moonen To Be Featured on This Week's Top Chef Masters

Chef Rick Moonen

Finally, the week has arrived for 2010 James Beard Foundation Award Nominee and Las Vegas’ Own, Chef Rick Moonen of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay, to strut his stuff on Top Chef Masters and make up for The Great Moon Doggie Debacle of Season 1.  From the looks of things from the [...]