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Heidi Done Good: A Rare Moment of Props For The R-J

As many of you know, I’m a wee bit critical of our Twinkle In The Desert’s primary newspaper, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, because it’s usually a steaming pile of shit. Not just any shit.  The kind of shit a person with lactose intolerance has after slamming a milkshake, kind of shit.  However, I’m not so [...]

The TLV Clips Show: A Look Back On Seven Months of Dick Jokes

It was just a little bit over seven months ago when I was on the hunt for available domain names to find the address where I can set up my house of disgruntled filth and hyperbolic verbosity.  We started at two with Michael also occasionally chiming in, but are now streamlined to have only one [...]

Why Does The Las Vegas Review-Journal Suck?

Often referred to in this very blog as garbage, rubbish and cancer-bearing feces, the Las Vegas Review-Journal is without question the very worst newspaper I have ever laid my eyes upon.  Being born and raised in the asshole of the universe, Northeastern Pennsylvania, even the shit-kicker rag that is The Times Leader puts the R-J [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Las Vegas Review-Journal Hands Out Best of Las Vegas Awards

The Best of Las Vegas Logo

The Las Vegas Review-Journal released their 2010 Best of Las Vegas awards yesterday in the Sunday paper and sort of online at  I say “sort of” for the online version because as of the writing of this post, many of the hotel restaurant awards are M.I.A.  Congratulations to [...]