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First Impressions: Jai-Ho Restaurant

Jai-Ho’s logo calls itself Jai-Ho Restaurant.  They should stick with that.

Jai-Ho’s website URL, however, is, and lists itself as Jai-Ho Fusion several times on the website.  Also the big ass glowing red sign over the front door (as you can see below) says Jai-Ho Indian & Chinese Fusion.

Jai-Ho Restaurant

Why am I starting this [...]

Dish Spotlight: Lunch Buffet at Origin India

Where I call Italian restaurants that feature a more “home cooked” kind of cuisine, “Mama-Stirring-The-Sauce” establishments and Mexican restaurants “Mama-Pressing-The-Tortillas” places, what should I call it when we find home cooking qualities in an Indian joint? Mama-Stoking-The-Tandoor? Are tandoors even stoked?  Well, for the purposes of the right now, they are until I learn otherwise.  [...]