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Monday Mise en Place: Pasta Shop Moves, San Gennaro Feast Begins, Mexican Independence Celebrated and More!

Glen Alenik in the soon-to-be old Pasta Shop kitchen

The first item up in this action packed edition of the Monday Mise en Place is the news of one of my favorite Italian joints, The Pasta Shop Ristorante, is moving its location!  The long time location on Tropicana is scheduled to close on September 19 [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Fleur de Lys To Close on Saturday

Bye bye for now, Fleur de Lys!

For those devoted to the existing Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay, time is running out before they shut their doors for a few months and work on a major remodel.  Saturday, September 11, Fleur dy Lys will close its doors and come back as something…else.  I don’t [...]

Restaurant Week in Las Vegas Approaches, Happy Dance Ensues

One of the greatest weeks of the year we have in Las Vegas will be taking place between August 30 through September 5; Restaurant Week! I think only behind the week the Porn Convention is in town, Restaurant Week features over 80 of the finest restaurants our Little Twinkle in the Desert offers, each preparing [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Truffled Onion Soup Shooters from Fleur de Lys

While the iPhone in low light may fold faster than a Democratic Congressman with a sex scandal, the white-on-white crime of the dish itself proves too much for the wee lens of the iPhone to handle.  These little cream-based cups of love are well worth a night of intestinal agony for the lactose intolerant, and at a [...]

A Brief Response to Two Idiots in New York

Looks like I’m already late to the party to fire back at David Landsel and Andy Wang’s seemingly unresearched display of Manhattanite Superiority Complex Idiocy they wrote for their 3rd Rate Rag (a.k.a. – The New York Post), as Eating Las Vegas’ John Curtas has already brilliantly responded in his blog.  However, with the magnitude [...]