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Monday Mise en Place: Cafe Ba Ba Reeba Schedules Final Service for February 14

Say it ain’t so! Tasting Las Vegas has confirmed reports that spread like wildfire on Twitter last Friday of Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at the Fashion Show Mall scheduling their final service for February 14th!  We first saw local gossip guru, Norm Clarke (@Norm_Clarke), retweet the unfortunate news from Vegas Chatter (@vegaschatter), then called to [...]

Retro Bakery: Two Years of Buttercream Love and Counting!

Like so many epic tales begin, it all started in a Red Robin. Two servers brushing up against each other at the beverage station, complaining to each other about the pain in the butt seated at table 27 (probably was me) and walking each other to their cars after a long shift’s work, a romance [...]