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Restaurant Charlie Sleeps With the Fishes

Wish I could give John Curtas props while reporting happier news, but Mr. Eating Las Vegas himself was first to report the demise of Restaurant Charlie at the Palazzo tonight on Twitter.  While the writing was on the wall for some time now, according to Curtas, the restaurant staff found out at 5pm that the same [...]

What the Hell is THAT?!? - Foie Gras

Foie gras (pronounced: fwah grah) is one of the more controversial items on the menu.  Along side caviar and truffles as a symbol of gastronomic decadence, foie gras is as adored by many as it is chastised by many.  Foie gras is also one of those items on the menu that make many people just [...]

Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip Offering Big Discounts to Las Vegas Locals

There has never been a better time to eat good food if you live in Las Vegas.  Why, you ask? Because empty restaurants are offering some pretty significant discounts to get us in the door.

Las Vegas Strip from MGM/Mirage Website

As we all know, The Great Recession has nearly crippled our local economy.  Less people [...]

A Brief Response to Two Idiots in New York

Looks like I’m already late to the party to fire back at David Landsel and Andy Wang’s seemingly unresearched display of Manhattanite Superiority Complex Idiocy they wrote for their 3rd Rate Rag (a.k.a. – The New York Post), as Eating Las Vegas’ John Curtas has already brilliantly responded in his blog.  However, with the magnitude [...]