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New Menu Brings New Thoughts on Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar

From our very first visit just days after its opening in January to our recent invited tasting of new menu items last week, we’ve experienced many hits and misses with Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar.  Granted, there have been far more hits than misses, and the majority of misses have been found in the beverage [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Beef Tenderloin Tiradito from Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar

Much more will be featured on Tasting Las Vegas about the new items at Town Square hot spot, Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar, but we would be remiss if we didn’t give you a little teaser first.  Completely defiling the beautiful blade work of Chef Kevin Lew, the iPhone took the picture as if it [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture of Good Food: Corn Dogs from Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar

Yes, those are the delicious slices of chorizo, battered and deep fried to a crisp golden brown and put on a stick, known as the Corn Dogs at Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar. No, they are not on a runaway train in the middle of the restaurant.


Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar

Town Square Las Vegas
6599 Las [...]

First Impressions: Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar – Mike's Review

Following a media event on January 20, 2010, Caña Latin Kitchen & Bar opened its doors for the general public to see on the 21st, and Tasting Las Vegas was there to give the new South American Tapas concept a test drive on their first full day of regular business.  First impressions: It’s good. Really good.

For [...]