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Monday Mise en Place: Firefly's Downtown Location Temporarily Closes As Plaza Gets A Facelift

One of the Few Places of Edible Eats in Downtown Las Vegas

Although he was hopeful in the to keep things rolling as the Plaza Hotel downtown gets a much needed facelift, Chef John Simmons has decided to temporarily close the spectacular downtown location of the Firefly until renovations are completed.  While this is a [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Eggs Benedict From Payard Patisserie & Bistro

I was sitting on the toilet the other day thinking about titles to the world’s shortest books.  I think a lot when I’m on the toilet. It’s what I do.  Anywho, there’s a few that came to mind:  Intelligent Policies by the Republican Party, Instances of Testicular Fortitude by Barack Obama, The Benefits of Organized [...]

THIS JUST IN: Chef Carla Pellegrino Leaves Rao's at Caesars Palace

A little bit of a shocker in our local culinary scene happened this morning when Chef Carla Pellegrino announced her departure from Rao’s at Caesars Palace.  Chef Carla cited “personal family matters and career growth” as the reason.  We won’t get into the personal details here, because that’s none of anybody’s business.  But, what I [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, Ep. 05 - Chef Roy Ellamar of Sensi

This week on Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, The Wife returns as we talk about some fabulous Recent Eats, we talk about the upcoming Tasting Las Vegas: The Tweetup at the Naked City Pizza Shop on November 15th and we reveal our 5 Overrated Restaurants in Las Vegas That Can Be Missed.  Then I’m joined [...]

Monday Mise en Place: What Was Once 'Fleur de Lys' Will Now Be 'Fleur by Hubert Keller'

Behind These Walls A Restaurant Gets Reborn. Fleur by Hubert Keller is Coming

The renovations at the Fleur de Lys space at Mandalay Bay continue.  Construction is said to be “slow,” but I’m being told that the reborn restaurant is still slated to have a soft opening in mid-December with a blowout official grand opening [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Affettati Misti from Rao's

Ask any successful person what the secret of their success is, and 9 times out of 10 they will answer, “focus.” Having focus is imperative to achieve any kind of greatness.  However, focus is often times a fleeting commodity.  Look at Tiger Woods.  When he was focused on golf holes, he was on top of [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Wolfgang Puck Restaurants Partner With Clark County School District To Make Healthier Lunches

Wolfgang Puck Working With a Yout. (photo:

Since 2007, Wolfgang Puck restaurants have partnered with the Clark County School District to both educate kids on making healthier decisions and to provide kid tested, mother approved recipes to the school district so the students can eat a little better.  Tomorrow, October 19, this tradition continues [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Franck Savoy Named Food and Beverage Director of Caesars Palace

Good Restaurants About To Turn Better Found Here (photo: Caesars Palace Facebook page)

Big changes are abound in the Food and Beverage department at Caesars Palace.  I saw it first reported by Pope Curtas the ELV on Twitter and I’ve since had his report confirmed that General Manager of Restaurant Guy Savoy, Franck Savoy, [...]

Big Changes For Caesar: Ogden's Todd Williams To Oversee All Caesars Palace Restaurants

All sorts of news is breaking over at Caesars Palace.  Word just came in that Chef de Cuisine of Bradley Ogden, Todd Williams, will now move up to be Assistant Executive Chef for Caesars Palace.  What Todd’s new gig will entail is that he’ll oversee the preparation of all the menus throughout the property as [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Hash House A Go Go To Open At The M Resort

Hash House A Go Go: Home To Big Ass Pancakes (photo: HHAGG Facebook Page)

Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s a pancake the size of Mars! And yes, you will be able to get that planetary-sized pancake at the M Resort as of October 7th when Hash House A Go Go officially opens [...]