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Las Vegas Restaurants Talking Turkey For Thanksgiving 2010

Not everyone likes to Rockwell it up for the holidays.  The hours of cleaning that need to be done before Aunt Edna from Tuskaloosa does her white glove inspection, the turkey that officially becomes The God Damn Turkey because the bastard can’t get done in time and the endless mountain of dirty dishes, pots and [...]

The Weekly Bad Picture Of Good Food: Dungeness Crab Agnolotti From Botero

The purpose of most photographs is to let you see the subject matter at hand.  Whether it’s Ali standing over Liston, the piercing eyes of the Afghan Girl, or a guy shitting in his white pants, you know the story the instant you see it.  Occasionally, artists will purposefully manipulate an image for an abstract [...]

Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast - Episode 01, Chef Jet Tila Speaks!

Holy shit!  We did it!  The very first Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast episode is UP!  Many thanks to Michael Manley, The Wife and Executive Chef of Wazuzu at the Encore resort, Jet Tila for joining me on this maiden voyage.

Three Disclosures:

The first segment with Michael Manley was riddled with audio problems, so please forgive [...]