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'Cooking Well Is First': An Essay That Went Nowhere

So a while back, you may recall, I entered this contest Anthony Bourdain and the publishers of his latest book, ‘Medium Raw,’ put on.  Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Medium Raw’ Challenge was a contest that involved writing a 500-word essay on “what it means to cook well.”  The winner of the contest would receive $10,000 and be [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Last Chance To Help Get Me In Bourdain's 'Medium Raw'

Help Get Me Published in This!

TLV Army! We are finally coming to the end of the grueling voting period where not only I have begged and pleaded, but so many of you have begged and pleaded to your own friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook on my behalf.  I am grateful beyond words. [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Las Vegas Greek Food Festival Begins This Week

Las Vegas Greek Food Festival at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Well, I’m sort of sad that allergy-driven stabbing pains in my head forced me to withdraw from dealing with the crowds at San Gennaro this time around, but come hell or high water The Wife and I will be going to the [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Pasta Shop Moves, San Gennaro Feast Begins, Mexican Independence Celebrated and More!

Glen Alenik in the soon-to-be old Pasta Shop kitchen

The first item up in this action packed edition of the Monday Mise en Place is the news of one of my favorite Italian joints, The Pasta Shop Ristorante, is moving its location!  The long time location on Tropicana is scheduled to close on September 19 [...]

Monday Mise en Place: 'Cooking Well Is First' Breaks Into The Top 100!

You Can Vote Once Per Day from Now Through 09/30/10! Thanks so much for helping this happen!

Thanks to all of you that are supporting my little venture with Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Medium Raw’ Challenge! It’s because of your votes that my entry is now in the Top 100 and climbing!  There is still a little [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Hash House A Go Go Holding Job Fair For New Location

Hash House A Go Go Logo

Las Vegas went such a long time with only one Hash House A Go Go location, but now they seem to be popping up like pimples on Montana Fishburne’s ass.  The third location will mercifully take over the Red Cup Café space at the M Resort and is slated [...]

Cast Your Vote To Get Me Published in Anthony Bourdain's 'Medium Raw'!

TLV Army!  I call upon you as I am in need of great assistance.  I’ve entered a contest being held by the publishers of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Medium Raw’ (my review of  ’Medium Raw’) and I need votes to get my essay published in the paperback edition of the book!  The contest is to write a [...]

The TLV Clips Show: A Look Back On Seven Months of Dick Jokes

It was just a little bit over seven months ago when I was on the hunt for available domain names to find the address where I can set up my house of disgruntled filth and hyperbolic verbosity.  We started at two with Michael also occasionally chiming in, but are now streamlined to have only one [...]

Book Review: Anthony Bourdain Cooks A Perfect 'Medium Raw'

This is one fucking tough review to write.  I just spent the last 90 minutes coming up with that first line. When you admire the work of an author as much as I admire Anthony Bourdain’s, you want your writing to respect, if not emulate the subject matter at hand. Bourdain turned the culinary world [...]

Monday Mise en Place: Anthony Bourdain Is About To Get 'Medium Raw'

Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook by Anthony Bourdain

Where many girls get juiced up over the latest adventures of Edward Cullen, my need for a change of undergarments usually comes from an Anthony Bourdain tirade.  Tomorrow (June 8 ) morning, I’ll be helping turning on [...]