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THIS JUST IN: Chef Carla Pellegrino Brings BRATALIAN To The Hendo!

YES!  The Hendo scores a major win as Chef Carla Pellegrino told me just moments ago that she’s bringing her brand spanking new Neapolitan Cantina concept, Bratalian, to South Eastern Avenue!  Opening in the former Chef’s Palate spot (R.I.P., Chef’s Palate, we’ll miss you so) located on Eastern a bit south of Horizon Ridge going towards Anthem, Chef Carla aims to create an atmosphere like you’re in the middle of Naples.  If I had a tail, it would be wagging intensely right now.  We’ll all look for Bratalian to open sometime around the beginning-ish of March.  More details to come…

Chef Carla Pellegrino To Open Bratalian In Henderson!
Chef Carla Pellegrino To Open Bratalian In Henderson!



10740 S. Eastern Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052

Follow Chef Carla Pellegrino on Twitter at @ChefCarlaPelleg

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2 comments to THIS JUST IN: Chef Carla Pellegrino Brings BRATALIAN To The Hendo!

  • Lisa Rothenberg-Galatti

    I love everything Carla has ever prepared for us. Especially her wonderful “to-die-for” desserts. Worth very forkful and calorie!

    Frank and Carla are very caring and wonderful people. They care about the dishes they turn out to their long standing and new customers. They could not be more hospitable.

    The food at Rao’s is incredible, the ambiance is relaxing and it is a five star dining experience all the way around. Anything Carla and Frank touch – turns to gold. I think their restaurant and anything they venture into is going to be worth a long wait to get in.

    Good luck, Carl and Frank! Looking forward to more of your wonderful creations and seeing the Pellegrino family again very soon.

    Lisa Rothenberg-Galatti

  • Indeed. Carla is an incredible talent and I have a feeling this will be one of the hottest tickets in town. Looking forward to it!

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