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Monday Mise en Place: Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts Are Casting For Next Season

Padma's Casting Bed (photo:

Padma's Casting Bed (photo:

Think you got what it takes to make Padma quiver with delight?  Do you know someone that could put Tom Colicchio in his place?  Top Chef is now casting for its ninth season as is Top Chef: Just Desserts for its second.  Let’s get the 702 well-represented in both shows, we certainly have the talent!  Send your info, or the chef you have in mind’s info, to  Good luck!

Would you buy chicken from this man? (photo:

Would you buy chicken from this man? (photo:

Remember those wings by Flavor Flav everyone was clamoring about a few months ago at Mama Cimino’s on Windmill?  Apparently it was the first step in a new fried chicken chain Flavor Flav is starting.  The very first Flav’s Fried Chicken opens today in the place where all new restaurant concepts should be born……..Clinton, Iowa.  As Flavor Flav’s colleague, Lil’ Jon, would say; “What?”

Professor Sara Steele

Professor Sara Steele

Pastry Chef extraordinaire at Botero at the Encore resort, Sara Steele, will be presenting a Valentine’s Day Dessert class on Monday, Feburary 7th at Whole Foods Market in Henderson.  In this class, Sara will cover Red Velvet Tiramisu and Truffle Pops.  The class will be held from 6pm-8pm.  Space is limited, so make sure you RSVP at 702-361-8183

I refuse to write a "What Happens In Vegas..." line. Refuse!

I refuse to write a "What Happens In Vegas..." line. Refuse!

According to New York Times writer Florence Fabricant, Saipin and Bill Chutima have separated from their partner Roy Welland and have removed themselves from Lotus of Siam in New York.  Also citing family health issues, it seems the bigger issue is a difference in vision between the Chutimas and Welland.  Where the Chutimas want to keep the more homey feel they have developed with their Vegas Lotus location, Welland seems to be going for a bit of a gouge on the customer.  Good for the Chutimas for putting pride, honor and reputation above dollar signs.  Check out the NYT blog about this story here.

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4 comments to Monday Mise en Place: Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts Are Casting For Next Season

  • Flav’s wings were not half bad.

    I’ve already RSVP’d for Sara’s thing.

  • Yeah, we walked into that place, saw the dehydrated pizza in the window and walked right back out. Never tried the wings. I can’t make Sara’s class, but The Wife might go. Either way, send me pictures!

  • The wings were battered and fried to order when I got them. I have to be drunk to purchase pizza by the slice in any establishment.

    Here’s a thought. What if my wife and her bazillion dollar camera provided some pics for a little write up The Wife did for the thing?

  • Sounds great to me. I’m not sure if she has signed up to go yet. I’ll try to remember to ask her tomorrow.

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