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Dish Spotlight: World Famous Spinach Salad From Nittaya's Secret Kitchen

We highlighted this dish on this week’s Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast, but I felt that it certainly deserves an extra mention.  As I said before, most times when you see something called “World Famous” on a menu it usually means that it is going to be a massive disappointment if not totally suck outright.  When we asked our lovely server, Poom, if she had any recommendations, the World Famous Spinach Salad practically leapt from her mouth.

I figured why not, as the World Famous Spinach Salad could be yours for the low low price of $9, so even if it fell short of the as-advertised “World Famous” status, I could find out for only $9.  I’m very pleased to report that it was the best nine bucks we spent in a long, long while.  Amazing, ridiculous, fabulous, stupendous….these are all words that can justifiably describe this dish.

A very interesting take on the standard Larb Gai Salad found at most of your neighborhood Thai restaurants, the World Famous Spinach Salad featured Baby Spinach leaves that were individually tempura-fried so that they were stiff yet remarkably light (that’s what she…wants?).  Along side was the cooked-then-chilled ground up chicken and in a dressing that was a party in your mouth.  A good party.  The kind of party where everyone gets laid.  The kind of party we’re going to have for the First Official Tasting Las Vegas: The Tweetup!

The dressing was this magnificent sweet, spicy, sour, tangy cocktail of love that tasted of lime juice, some kind of vinegar, Kaffir lime, Thai basil, Thai chili peppers and a whole bunch more.  It was outstanding, and certainly deservedly World Famous.  The kind of dish that will have to make Nittaya’s Secrect Kitchen change their name to the Not-So-Secret Kitchen.  It’s tasty.

World Famous Spinach Salad From Nittaya's Secret Kitchen

World Famous Spinach Salad From Nittaya's Secret Kitchen


Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen

2110 N. Rampart Blvd. #110
Las Vegas, NV 89128

(702) 360-8885

Mike Dobranski is a professional musician, amateur blogger, eater of good food, poker junkie, master of the inappropriate comment and bad husband to a wonderful wife.

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