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Restaurant Charlie Sleeps With the Fishes

Wish I could give John Curtas props while reporting happier news, but Mr. Eating Las Vegas himself was first to report the demise of Restaurant Charlie at the Palazzo tonight on Twitter.  While the writing was on the wall for some time now, according to Curtas, the restaurant staff found out at 5pm that the same night (Thursday) was to be their final service.  This marks the second failed attempt for Charlie Trotter in Las Vegas.  Will there be a 3rd time to be a charm?  Time will only tell.  (Psst…hey Charlie…if you want a tip….serve Kobe Flank Steak and Donuts…tourists eat that shit up!) (yeah yeah yeah…ok…so do we….)

R.I.P Restaurant Charlie, We Hardly Knew Ye

R.I.P Restaurant Charlie, We Hardly Knew Ye

Mike Dobranski is a professional musician, amateur blogger, eater of good food, poker junkie, master of the inappropriate comment and bad husband to a wonderful wife. Follow him on Twitter at @MikeDobranski.

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4 comments to Restaurant Charlie Sleeps With the Fishes

  • justin

    I ate at match last night. And I completely disagree with everything you have said about them. I was greeted by friendly hot staff wearing AMAZING school girl outfits. The food service was great and I enjoyed the tuna poke. It was very fresh and flavorful.the dragon balls were fried to perfection and the pineapple fried rice was served in a unique fashion and was to die for. The specialty coctail menu was fantastic and affortable. Where else are going to find a coctail for less than 10$ in vegas??I think you need to be more open minded and you have obviously never worked in a restaurant before. Openings should be small to help the servers get the hang of it. Nobody is perfect and honestly the food and friendly staff made up for any glitches! Your a douche. Get your facts straight homie

  • First of all, Justin…it’s “you’re” a douche…not “your.” Secondly, I understand it is a soft opening, but the key word is that it is open. We only went two days after the opening day and our particular server didn’t know the menu the food or drink menu at all. That is perfectly understandable, although I would argue that with the odd choices on the menu and their self-proclaimed target audience, that there could have been more time spent with the servers behind closed doors. Thirdly, you can get a drink under $10 in just about any bar in town without a Las Vegas Blvd. address.

    I’m all up for anyone to tell me how wrong I am, but next time I’d suggest you do it in a more mature fashion so your points aren’t invalidated with childish garbage. Just sayin’. I’m glad you had a good experience and they are obviously in the process tightening some of the loose ends that I mentioned in my post. That’s why my final suggestion was to give the place a few weeks….they need it.

    Oh, and one last point, if you are going to call me a douche, at least put the comment in the post containing the douchery. That would help all involved. Thanks!

  • dig your site. actually, menuvegas was the first to report the charlie closing. see? thanks, and check out

  • Thanks for bringing MenuVegas to my attention, Brock.

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