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A Brief Response to Two Idiots in New York

Looks like I’m already late to the party to fire back at David Landsel and Andy Wang’s seemingly unresearched display of Manhattanite Superiority Complex Idiocy they wrote for their 3rd Rate Rag (a.k.a. – The New York Post), as Eating Las Vegas’ John Curtas has already brilliantly responded in his blog.  However, with the magnitude of ineptitude Landsel and Wang showcased in their article-of-wrong, there is plenty of room in the pool for a few additional thoughts.

If you haven’t read Landsel and Wang’s slop yet, you can read it here.

(Pretty stupid, huh?)

And now; my humble response…

There’s only one thing that pisses off a New Yorker more than when someone takes something of theirs and makes it better (Rao’s), and that is when someone else got what they want first. This would explain the incomprehensible digs of Guy Savoy and Charlie Trotter.  New York writers also seemingly get their rocks off by rounds of Vegas bashing.  Moments like these always bring me back to Robin Leach’s response to some forgettable NYC snob bitching about Vegas restaurants getting Michelin Stars a few years ago, and I’m paraphrasing; “Last time I checked, truffles don’t grow in Central Park either.” (Ain’t that Robin funny!)

In regards to Landsel and Wang’s snark about why would people go to Julian Serrano’s world-renowned Picasso at the Bellagio when they can go to Jöel Robuchon down the road at the MGM Grand, well that to me just displays a level of ignorance one can only find in such a “reputable” rag of the New York Post’s caliber.  It’s the equivalent of saying why would someone eat an apple when they can just eat an orange. Sure, they’re both French, just as the apple and orange are both fruits, but they are different concepts that come in different packaging.  People pay for experiences at restaurants, not just nationalities.

Putting Wolfgang Puck’s Vegas outpost of Spago and CUT in the same category lends me to believe that Landsel and Wang visited neither. Granted, Wolfgang Puck doesn’t help his reputation much by being the Ultimate Food Whore that he is, but CUT makes a very fine steak and in no way should be grouped with the mistakes at our Spago and whatever Wolfy has next to the Cinnabon at McCarran International.

What had to be the biggest display of stupidity, however, was their decree to avoid “Anything at Mandalay Bay.”


Are Landsel and Wang really trying to tell us that there isn’t ANYTHING worthy of our hard earned money and discerning palates at Mandalay Bay?  You know, the resort with Hubert Keller’s Fleur de Lys and Burger Bar, Rick Moonen’s superb homage to sustainable seafood at his RM Seafood, Michael Mina’s Stripsteak and Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s Border Grill, just to name a few.  It appears Landsel and Wang at least conceded Aureole at Mandalay Bay, but probably because they have sculptures of boobies on the front wall and not because of the magnificent food and unique dining experience.

Sure, Wazuzu’s Jet Tila (who also got slammed by the NYP’s Dynamic Duo) got all up in our food-blogging grill with his kvetch about people who haven’t worked in a kitchen writing about food…but this is what you get when you have “professionals” at the keyboard?!?  And people wonder why the newspaper industry is dying…

Mike Dobranski is a professional musician, amateur blogger, eater of good food, poker junkie, master of the inappropriate comment and bad husband to a wonderful wife. Follow him on Twitter at @MikeDobranski.

Follow Tasting Las Vegas on Twitter at @TastingLasVegas.

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6 comments to A Brief Response to Two Idiots in New York

  • Great post Mike! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for the compliment and keep on truckin (eating/tasting Las Vegas!)

  • Thanks so much, John! Coming from such a consummate pro such as yourself means a great deal.

  • Great response…did you notice Simon made it on the NY posts’ top 10? Because any meal that starts with a bloody mary and ends with a day-glo pink, homemade Hostess Snowball is obviously the product of a culinary genius.

  • I didn’t even want to get started on those fools’ Top 10. Simon blew my mind. Simon is great if all you read is Norm Clarke and Robin Leach’s columns…because if celebrities go there…OF COURSE it’s good! If you actually go to the restaurant to eat, you see that it is an overpriced IHOP with a little 7-Eleven flair thrown in for good measure……that just happens to be next to a pool with a bunch of half-naked gorgeous people at it.

  • JetTila

    I only kvetch about fools who don’t know sh** that write to be shocking…but guys like you and John bring the straight dope! Kudos and great stuff!

  • Thanks so much, Chef Jet! I am flattered by your words and your presence!

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